Fr. Joey Faller

Father Joey Faller
Fr. Joey Faller


 A reluctant healer, but only after a series of deaths in the family was his faith in God was really tested. The death of his sister Stella in 1986, his father Francisco in 1988, and his most beloved mother Adelaida in 1989, made his resolve to embrace the priestly  vocation, even stronger, and resolute.

    After several assignments in the Diocese of Lucena, on June 2002,  Fr. Joey decided to devote full-time in the Healing Ministry after hearing from people stories, and incidences of healing  attributed to his ministering. At first he refused to believe God’s gift to him, until January 1993, when he took over from Fr. Barham in Mt. Carmel Monastery Church in Lipa City, Batangas, where some people claimed of  healing. The true  “Baptism of Fire,”  so to speak came in January 19, 1993 when a paralyzed woman on a wheelchair, was  able to walk after being prayed-over, to his, and everybody’s amazedment.  Fr. Barham, internationally renowned healer confirmed that indeed it is truly  God’s gift to him. There are  other manifestations of God’s gift to Fr. Joey. On February 6,1993, he went to Lipa City, and visited the  Carmel Monastery. Strangely, nobody had really invited him to go to that place, as if something forceful pushed him to go to Lipa. It was like a sudden inspiration. Upon reaching Lipa City, he was happy to find out that there was a Nationwide  Marian Pilgrimage, and it turned out that there was no priest who will celebrate the mass. It seemed coincidental, but he felt that the circumstances were far more than just coincidental. During the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, he began to experience unexplainable instances. The whole place seemed to filled with the scent of roses.They also experience the  “gift of tongues,”  while celebrating the mass. But the most astonishing thing was when he had a vision of a woman in red blouse who was a cancer patient from Manila. Just right before he ended the mass, he asked if there was a woman among the mass goers who was diagnosed  with cancer. To his amazement, a woman wearing a red blouse suddenly stood up, and declared that she came from Manila, and was suffering from cancer of the bone. She was instantly healed after Fr. Joey heard her confession, and prayed over her.

At that instance after witnessing his healing, a lot of people approached him. There was a man, who for a long time could hardly walk, because of severe osteoarthritis. He was able to walk again, after he asked Fr. Joey’s healing. Unfortunately, the sisters of the monastery advised that he leave the monastery, because of the commotion caused by the incident. At that moment, he  doubted  God’s calling to heal. Fr. Joey continued to disbelief God’s gift to him, but kept on asking for signs if he was truly blessed with gift of healing. During his first trip to the Holy Land (Jerusalem) in March 1993, as he was praying at the place where the Pentacost happened, two doves camed down to him out of nowhere. on his second visit to the Holy Land, and Europe, he was able to heal two women. The first one was a foreigner who can only walk if assisted by somebody, or by using a cane. After the healing, she could already walk by herself, free from cane, and without the help of somebody else. The second one was suffering from severe arthritis. Her dream was to see the Holy Places, but she was unable to fulfill her dream, because she couldnot walk. But when she joined Fr. Joey in his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and visited Beteseda, she received complete healing, and was able to walk again. She even taught us dance steps during our last days in Israel. But still with all the sign given to him by God, he was still confused, and undecided. The questions whether he was truly worthy of the gift still persisted in his mind. He kept on asking God why a person like him would be chosen to be a healer. He felt that he was too weak, sinful, unworthy, wounded, and  broken, a paradox of a healer. In August 1993, his cousin Caroline Ayala from the United States asked to be prayed over. At that time, she was suffering from psoriasis, and a serious heart problem (there was a hole in her heart) and was scheduled for operation. When she returned to the U.S. for her operation, the doctor was surprised to find that her heart was doing well, and there was no need for an operation. Then after some months, the parents of his cousin  (Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ayala) gave him free tickets to the U.S. He used this opportunity to conduct healing masses in the states. Since then, various charismatic groups in the U.S. have invited him to have healing masses. Fr. Joey received testimonies from people who experienced healing from cancer, paralysis, and problems in the reproductive system. There were also testimonies regarding cases of deliverance from eveil spirit. But even with all these testimonies, he remained in doubt. But it was in April 8, 1994, that he totally embraced God’s gift of healing. He had an accident that almost cost him his life. But the most extraordinary thing happened, when one of his hands was injured during the accident. The small finger, and index finger of his right became permanently curled down, and couldn’t be straightened anymore. But he realized that his right hand seemed to have resembled the hands of the Little Jesus (Known as “El Senor Sto. Nino”) and of the hands of the risen, and victorious Christ. He underwent operations here and in the U.S. to straighten his hand again, but no  operation could ever bring back to normal. For him, the accident confirmed God’s call for him to become His instrument of healing. His right hand is a constant reminder that it is God’s healing hands that  works through him. Since then, he has carried the hands of the Lord to heal other people. There were  several individuals who have experienced, and received the healing power of God through Fr. Joey Faller. These are manifestations of God’s healing hand working through Fr. Joey.